Padma Bhushan Most Rev Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom
Valia Metropolitan of Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church

“My teeth were in bad condition since last few years. Dr.Rajeev fixed all my teeth and I am able to chew everything I desire now. His procedures were painless. I feel now that I am young."

Dr. Abraham AK
Ontario, Canada

“I find Dr.Rajeev very proficient in Dentistry and an Excellent provider of High Quality Dental Care of International Standards. His infection control procedures and the methodological approach in Diagnosis and Treatment planning is commendable. I have worked with Dr.Rajeev and analyzed his Clinical Work. More over I have an excellent feed back from the patients I have referred to him for treatment in India.”

Janet J

“This is the first time in my life that I was actually comfortable having dental work done. Dr. Rajeev made me feel relaxed and explained everything to me that he was doing. He is very patient and considerate. I felt that I was in good hands.”

Nanditha Das

“Just have to say a very caring dentist who excels in reassuring their patients and gives excellent service, explains what they are doing every step of the way. The best dentist I have ever seen.
I live in Dublin, Ireland and for the past 3 years I have been visiting Dentist Rajeev Simon. I am very happy with all the dental treatments I received which included capping, filling and root canal. I definitely recommend him.”

T. Radula

“Dental treatment in the U.S. has become so expensive, it seems only the rich can afford it. Even most medical plans, including my Social Security Medicare, do not cover dental work. A number of my crowns had failed and I needed implants. I have tried several dentists in India and found Dr.Rajeev to be the best for my needs. He has now completed six implants over the past several years, some involving tooth extraction. Each procedure has been less painful than the several root canals I've had elsewhere. Every implant is working fine, no complications, no infections, no broken crowns. After a few weeks, they feel natural with no changes in taste or other side effects. Dr.Rajeev made sure my cardiac problem would not be an issue by arranging a complete cardiology workup before my first implant. Each procedure has been nearly painless. I have difficulty leaning too far back due to a neck spondylosis, so he did the work with me in a more upright posture that surely caused him discomfort. His clinic is in a hospital which I appreciate and the price is most reasonable. I will not hesitate to return again for his considerate and skilled treatment.”

Vayola George
Ontario, Canada

“I was always extremely nervous about going to the dentist. Dr. Rajeev Simon and the staff at the practice were very good at their job and understanding and helped me feel at ease. Through their professionalism and friendliness, I was able to build up my confidence and complete my treatment with growing ease. The treatment I received was excellent. My teeth & gums have improved with the excellent treatment and advice given to me. Thank you for your support and care with extreme passion and kindness.”

Khamis Sultan Khamis Said
Sultanate Of Oman

“I am happy with the treatment provided in this clinic. Good hospitality & world class treatment.”

Hamed Salim Hamed
Sultanate Of Oman

“I am very much pleased with the service provided by Dr.Rajeev & team.”

Rasheed Obaid
Sultanate Of Oman

“Good Clinic with all advanced facilities in a hospital. Best wishes to the Team.”

Martha M

“Dr. Rajeev is extremely patient in explaining things and in taking the time to make sure you understand what is happening with your teeth. His approach to dentistry is conservative and I appreciate that and his careful consideration of my treatment plan.”

Sachin Sadasivan

“I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I'm glad I decided to come to you during my short holidays. I really appreciate your care in minute details, patent centric style and professionalism. You clearly explained me upfront the cause, possible treatments and time duration for the treatment. It was perfect for me.
Now it's almost like having a default choice when it comes to dental care while in Kerala.
Thanks to Rajeev and team!”

Kavitha Mathews
Physiotherapist, Canada

“My experience with dental care under Dr. Rajeev has been awesome! As a clinician he has been thoroughly, explained things well and gave exemplary attention to cleanliness. As an individual he was caring, always accommodative and focused on my needs. I would recommend Dr. Rajeev's expertise and treatment to anybody.”

Dr.Shimna Kuruvila
Gynecologist, Holy Cross Hospital, Adoor

“Very pleasant indeed! Dr. Rajeev made me feel relaxed and takes time to explain all the procedures. I found him to be very professional, he  was very caring and understanding towards my little daughter during our visit.”

Dr. Betsy V Babu
(Pulmonologist), Medical Officer, FHC Othera, Kerala Health Services.

“Its been more than 8yrs having a great bond with Dr Rajeev & Dr Elizabeth now.
Just have to say a very caring determined, satisfied dental care which can bring back the real smile on your face, and takes away all the aches and problems you might be facing with a great hardworking team. Kind, gentle and extremely skilled.”


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