Medically Compromised : High Risk

Our routine practice includes High risk management of elderly and medically compromised patients. They are routinely managed with or without hospital admission. Dental surgeries and procedures of Stroke patients and Cardiology patients are managed under direct monitoring of Cardiologist and Physician. Dental procedures for non co-operative patients such as mentally challenged can be done under general anesthesia with prior medical clearance.

Certain medically compromised patients should only be treated in a hospital based clinic where emergency issues, should they arise, can be immediately addressed and promptly attended to in a controlled manner.

Regular dental care is not always routine for some patients. We provide specialized oral health care to patients with:

  •     Heart conditions
  •     Organ transplants
  •     Immuno-compromised health issues
  •     Cancer, who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments
  •     Surgical defects due to cancer removal
  •     Stroke patients

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